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Wishing You a Happy Independence Day from Fairmont Federal Credit Union

By: Fairmont FCU
Published: 06/30/2017

The 4th of July is right around the corner, and you know what that means! The ultimate feast of burgers, brats, dogs, and all the pasta salad you could ever want is finally at your fingertips.  It’s the perfect time for family gatherings and bonding with friends! Eating on any given holiday is always one of the main events. It’s the most delicious event and brings a little tradition to the table. Before the fireworks begin, what will be on your menu?


While your guests wait for the grill to heat up, colorful appetizers can keep them busy. With avocado booming  in popularity, a nice and easy dip to add to the table is guacamole with some chips. It’s a good place to start. Colorful, thick, guac is always a crowd pleaser. Taco dip, pico de gallo, mango salsa, any kind of dip will give your table a delicious, color treat to any party guest. What’s more? If you have leftover avocado, deviled eggs with sliced avocado, bacon, and a little hot sauce is an amazing tweak to the classic summer appetizer.

Main Dish

What’s the 4th of July without hamburgers and hotdogs? Pulled pork sandwiches, chicken sandwiches, Italian beef, brats, you name it! Heat the grill up and have a little variety for the whole family. And of course, don’t forget the  lettuce, cheese, tomato, ketchup, mustard.. Make a swiss burger and add some mushrooms! Bring some buns to the table, but give it a twist by adding tortillas and flat breads. Different buns adds a whole new level of creativity for your guests to add to their meal.


When you’re making a 4th of July dessert, try to really keep the red, white, and blue theme alive. A flag cake is one of the most popular festive cakes! There are so many alternatives to this dish. The colors from the fruit on top add some pop to your table. Another 4th of July favorite is strawberry shortcake. You can do one big cake or make it a layered trifle strawberry shortcake. When making a trifle shortcake, you will need to cut up the cake beforehand, creating multiple layers. A tall bowl will be helpful if you are expecting a lot of people!

Curious where and when you can catch a fireworks show in your area? Check out local times here

Fairmont Federal Credit Union wants to wish you and your family a happy 4th! Fairmont FCU is a not-for-profit financial organization, democratically controlled, owned and operated by our members for the benefit of all who belong.


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