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Fairmont Federal Credit Union Keeps You Sane this Holiday Season

By: Fairmont FCU
Published: 12/05/2016

It’s the most wonderful time of the year — the time when city sidewalks are dressed in holiday style, sleigh bells ring, and baby, it’s cold outside! Yes everyone — the holiday season has arrived! Something else that has arrived with the holiday season is holiday shopping.

For many, that means many trips to your local mall or department store, in search of the perfect gifts for everyone on your list. With plenty of people to buy for and not enough hours in the day, it is understandable to become flustered. But one aspect of holiday shopping that should not make you stressed is how you are going to pay for your gifts. Because you are a valued member of Fairmont Federal Credit Union, you know there are plenty of ways that you can pay for every gift this year.

As you begin making your list (and checking it twice), here is our own list for you, that must be used in order to maintain your sanity this holiday shopping season! This is how FFCU can keep you as stress free as possible during your one (or many) Christmas shopping trips this year!

Use your FFCU Debit Card

Your FFCU debit card is a convenient solution to pay for all of your shopping needs this season!  Choose debit or credit to pay for that sweater for Grandma and those toys for your nieces!

Take Advantage of Visa Checkout

With Visa Checkout, all you do is click, pay, and be on your merry way! Not only is your data guarded with multiple security layers, Visa Checkout is also easy for you to use. With just one password, you can securely make your payments with a single login from any device! Sounds like the gift that keeps on giving!

Monitor Your Spending On the Go with Online Banking and Mobile Banking

Online banking allows you to manage your account by viewing transactions and reviewing purchases! Not close to a computer during your holiday shopping spree? Mobile banking is the solution for you—simply download the app and get all the benefits of online banking right from your phone!

Need Cash? Visit a Surcharge Free ATM

Fairmont Federal Credit Union is pleased to offer over 55,000 ATMs where YOU don’t pay a surcharge! Our website gives you detailed information about where these ATMs can be found, check it out to find an ATM near you! Find our locations and hours.


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