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Limiting Signature Based Transactions

Due to high volumes of fraudulent activity, it is at times necessary for Fairmont FCU to block in certain regions debit card transactions that are being processed as a credit. Transactions processed using a PIN will still be allowed in blocked regions. At this time all non-US debit card transactions that are being processed as a credit, including online foreign transactions, will be blocked. Please contact member services for any US states that are currently blocked.

Using your debit card is a great convenience, but we recommend using an alternate means of payment such as a credit card for online transactions and when traveling abroad. In order to avoid excessive holds on your account, it is also recommended to use another payment method when booking hotels, airfares, or vehicle rentals.

Source: Fairmont Federal Credit Union 2017

Debit Card Compromises On the Rise

Protecting your Fairmont Federal Credit Union account is top priority for us. Visa notifies us when some of our Debit Cards may be exposed to possible fraud as part of a data breach at a merchant processing company. Please note this is not a breach of our systems but a breach of data stored at the payment processing company that merchants utilize.

Although the compromise of your card may not lead to fraudulent use, Fairmont FCU chooses to proactively maximize the protection of your account without compromising your convenience. In order to accomplish this we will issue new cards and PINs to those that were affected. The old cards will be deactivated 15 days after the new card is ordered unless fraudulent activity occurs. Under such circumstances the card will be blocked immediately.

Now that we have explained what action we will take to protect your account from fraud, here are some steps you can take to reduce your chances of card fraud:


  • Review your account activity regularly; log in to home banking frequently or at a minimum review and balance your statement monthly
  • Report any irregular activity immediately; contact the merchant directly that processed the payment
  • Safeguard your user name, passwords and PINs
  • Report your Fairmont FCU debit card lost or stolen immediately by calling 1.800.523.4175.
  • Shred all personal and financial information


  • Record your home banking password or Debit Card PIN number on paper and store them in your wallet or purse
  • Use obvious passwords such as your birth date or the last four digits of your Social Security Number or phone number
  • Give your Social Security number, account number or any other details over the phone unless you have initiated the call and know that the business that you are dealing with is reputable
  • Respond to emails, texts or phone calls indicating that you must enter account information or personal information

Suspect you are a victim of debit card fraud? Take immediate action.

  • Contact the store or business that charged your account and let them know that the charge was fraudulent.
  • Contact a member service representative at 304.363.5320, Option 1 to report the fraudulent charge and discuss your the options.

Source: Fairmont Federal Credit Union 2017

Visa Scam

Please protect your debit and credit card information. With debit and credit card fraudulent activity on the rise, there maybe a time that Fairmont Federal Credit Unions Visa® department or Visa security division contacts you about your card or activity on your account. We may ask if your card is still in your possession or if specific transactions were performed by you, but we would never ask for your card number or the three digit security code. Do not ever give this information out to someone over the phone or internet if you did not originate the contact. If someone attempts to solicit this information from you, it is most likely for a fraudulent or counterfeit purpose. Please be alert and aware and protect your card information.

Source: Fairmont Federal Credit Union 2017

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