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Signing up for direct deposit through Fairmont Federal Credit Union means no more waiting in line to cash or deposit your check. For added convenience, we also offer the option to automatically transfer funds to make a loan payment, and set aside money in a savings account or club account. 

  • Free, convenient service for Fairmont Federal Credit Union members
  • Funds are automatically deposited into your account
    • Paycheck
    • Pension
    • Social security
    • Any recurring payment
  • Option to distribute direct deposit by automatic transfer
    • Deposit into savings or another account
    • Make a loan payment
    • Amount may be raised or lowered
  • Quicker access to your money
  • Eliminate trips to the credit union and save time

The following information will be helpful in filling out forms for your employer, the Social Security Administration, or other payee:

Depository Name: Fairmont Federal Credit Union
Phone Number: 304.363.5320
Address: PO Box 2139 Fairmont, WV 26555-2139
Routing Transit/ABA Number: 251578844

If you wish for your Direct Deposit to go to your savings account, please enter only your primary account number as shown on your member ID card or at the top of your statement.

If you wish for your Direct Deposit to go to your checking account, you must include the additional two numbers (MICR number) at the end of your member account number as found on the bottom of your share drafts or in the checking account details within online banking.  

Want to reference the checking account automatic deposit / payment number and routing number in online banking?  Here’s how:

Select the Accounts widget.
Select your checking account that you wish to obtain the Automatic Deposit / Payment Number.
The Automatic Deposit / Payment Number and the Routing Number displays in the Account Details panel on the upper right hand side of the screen.

*Please note: If an invalid account number is used, or account ownership cannot be verified, the deposit or withdrawal (payment) may be delayed and/or returned to the originator. For additional instructions, please contact a Member Contact Center Representative during normal business hours at (304) 363-5320, Option 1.

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