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How to Have a Worry Free Vacation

By: Fairmont FCU
Published: 06/14/2017

As summer begins, thoughts turn to the kids being out of school, warm weather and getting away for a vacation.. Preparing for a fun getaway adventure requires careful planning and preparation to ensure you enjoy happy memories for years to come.

Before you leave home

  • Cover your bases – Make copies of all credit cards, travelers checks, identification and medical information that you will be bringing with you on your travels. Keep one copy with you and leave the other at home.
  • Bring limited cash – Contact credit/debit card companies- So they are aware of your travel dates and possible purchases outside of your normal routine. You may even want to stash some extra cash in case of inconveniences or you lose your wallet.
  • Give limited info on luggage – Don’t put your address on your luggage tags. Instead write your phone number as a method of contact.
  • Check your home before you leave – Secure all windows and doors and arm your alarm system before you head out of town. Set automatic timers for your lights and turn on a radio to create the illusion that someone is home. Additionally, consider adjusting your thermostat and water heater for vacation settings.
  • Don’t post on Social Media –  Post your vacation pictures when you return home. Announcing your plans on social networks can alert unwanted visitors to your home.

On your trip

  • Use room safe – Only take the cash and credit cards you need for the day. Put your other spending money in your room safe. Additionally, do not leave any valuables such as computers, wallets or jewelry out in the open.
  • Know where you are going – Before you venture out, ask the hotel staff if there are any areas you should avoid.
  • Keep valuables hidden in car – Never leave souvenirs, wallets or other items that might catch the eye out in the open in your automobile. Lock them in the trunk or put them in the glove box.
  • Use small denominations – Don’t display large amounts of money when making a purchase and keep the dominations to $50 or less.
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