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Celebrating 80 Years of People Helping People

Published: 09/17/2019

As we celebrate 80 years, we not only celebrate the history in which this institution was founded upon, we also celebrate you, our members. #WeAreFFCU

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6 Reasons You Should Join a Credit Union

Published: 09/13/2019

Have you ever thought about the way you save, store, and transfer your money? Many people don't consider this on a regular basis, but being part of a credit union can be very beneficial to the way you bank. If you haven't joined one yet, here are a few reasons you should consider making the switch and becoming a member of your local credit union.

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How To Freeze Your Credit This Summer

Published: 08/29/2019

If you've been following the news lately, you may be thinking about fraud and identity theft more than ever before.

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Making This Month's Third Paycheck Work for You

Published: 08/23/2019

It's that time of the year again! Most businesses in the U.S. pay their employees bi-weekly - usually every other Friday. That means many of us will be receiving an extra paycheck this month. That's a full two weeks of pay above and beyond your normal monthly budget!

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Why you spend more during summer, and how to avoid overspending

Published: 08/05/2019

Do you find yourself spending more money during the summer each year? If you do, you're not alone. Spending seems to amp up during the summer months, leaving many people wondering how they managed to spend so much. This time of year is full of seasonal reasons you might find yourself overspending, including some of the following:

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