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Making the Most of Your Tax Refund

Published: 02/25/2022

Has your tax return left you with extra cash? It can be difficult to decide the best way to use it. Here are some ideas to help you make the most of your tax refund.

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Planning for Vacation in 2022

Published: 01/19/2022

These chilly winter days have us dreaming of warmer days and sunny destinations. We can?t be the only ones, right? Where do you want to go and what do you want to do in 2022 and beyond? Once you answer these questions for a solo trip or an adventure with the whole family you can use the steps below to cultivate the vacation you?ve been dreaming about.

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Direct Deposit and Electronic Payments with Fairmont FCU

Published: 12/21/2021

Our goal at Fairmont Federal Credit Union is to offer a full line of convenient and confidential services that give our members an advantage in their financial matters. We aim to provide ease and efficiency for our members when engaging in financial transaction. If you haven't set up direct deposit or electronic payments we're here to provide information to guide you through the process. Using the correct account number when originating a direct deposit or electronic payment is key.

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How to Manage Your Holiday Shopping Season

Published: 11/15/2021

It seems like the holiday season sneaks up on us every year. By the time you're reading this blog post, it is more than likely you've started shopping for the perfect Christmas gifts. The early bird gets the worm. In the case of holiday shopping, this is most definitely the case.

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Scenic Drives You Can Take on Country Roads This Fall

Published: 10/08/2021

There is no time more adequate to describe the beauty of West Virginia's country roads then in the fall. The Mountain State is home to some of the most scenic drives you can experience any season of the year.

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