As of October 31, 2018

Based upon our knowledge these financial statements truly and fairly present in all material respects Fairmont Federal Credit Union's financial condition and results of operations. Acknowledged by: Walter "Butch" Osborne, CEO/Asst Secretary & N. M. Lopez, Exec VP, CFO

This credit union is federally insured by the National Credit Union Administration

Total Net Loans $262,286,910
Liquid Assets $8,717,003
Investments $45,599,975
Receivables $593,976
Prepaid/Deferred Expenses $3,361,801
Fixed Assets $17,203,750
Accrued Income $669,866
Other Assets $3,387,119
Total Assets $341,820,400
Liabilities & Equity
Accounts & Notes Payable $3,101,710
Accrued Expenses $1,188,575
Other Liabilities $87,770
Total Shares $306,596,123
Total Equity $30,846,222
Total Liabilities & Equity $341,820,400
Number of Member Accounts 40,614
Total Delinquent Loans $2,102,035
Net Worth Ratio 10.09%
Delinquency Rate 0.80%